Instrumentation GDD Inc. celebrates 40 years of innovation and success!

September 8, 2017

QUEBEC, QUEBEC - On Friday, August 4, Instrumentation GDD Inc. (GDD) celebrated its 40th anniversary in the presence of its three founders, Edwin Gaucher, Réjean Desbiens and Régis Desbiens.

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Example of an IP Technical Support

May 30, 2017

QUEBEC, QUEBEC - With the Post-Process software, save money and avoid re-surveying during resistivity and Time-Domain induced polarization surveys. Using GDD’s IP Post-Process, a client can remove the erratic noise, reprocess its data and recover good sections.

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IP Receiver up to 32 channels, the GRx8-32. Two other models are also available (GRx8mini and GRx2). They are compact and low power consumption.

These are very precise and fast receivers that perform well with low signals in noisy environments. GPS synchronization is now available. All receivers come with the IP Post-Process software. Perfect for 1D/2D/3D IP survey!

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The SCIP measures electrical properties of drill core or in-situ outcrops.

Easy to use, fullwave data, with one IP Separation (12V IP Tx + one channel IP Rx). It’s compatible with our IP Post-Process software. Get the information that you need to design an appropriate geophysical survey! The SCIP tester helps to better define the geophysical resistivity/IP inversions.

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The MPP Probe will measure the magnetic susceptibility and the EM conductivity of any rock sample instantly and simultaneously.

It’s the best investment to relate drill core to EM/MAG studies and to select appropriate geophysical surveys. Now available Wi-Fi model that works with any laptop, tablet and smartphone (no need of internet!).

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Increase daily production by transmitting up to 4,800V/10,000W in very resistive ground (with the Master-Slave mode).

Reach 20A in conductive environments. Update your TxII to 15A capabilities or acquire the new digital Tx4 20A. Works with standard 220-240V generator.

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Looking for a portable, user friendly EM receiver working from 50 °C to -40 °C? Get the lowest noise EM data with the 24 bits, 8 channels Time Domain EM Receiver.

Successfully field tested with almost every EM sensors including the LTS Squid, it reads up to 120,000 per second per channel. Rugged, integrated crystal, GPS synchronization, fullwave and Post-Process software included.

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Mining conductive ore and dreaming of reducing dilution and increase ore grades by up to 10%?

The SSW probe defines quickly and inexpensively the ore grade and waste limits.

It is light, portable and efficient. Try the new model SSW Jumbo, for face drill holes.

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Tired of prospecting without success? Start finding today with the Beep Mat now compatible with external GPS.

Don’t know where to start, too many targets to drill or not enough money to drill all the conductors? Use the Beep Mat to instantly detect conductive and magnetic outcrops and erratics hidden under up to 3 meters of overburden or snow. Drill only the best targets.

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